Regular Cars That Cost as Much as Luxury Cars

Barring the stratospheric price of the Ford GT, the Blue Oval isn’t exactly known for high-priced luxury. That could be about to change, as an $80,000 Ford family hauler is now a reality.

Cars that cost upward of $60,000 and approach $80,000 used to be the realm of ultimate luxury and performance. We’re talking top-end BMWs and Jaguars that blend plush driving pleasure with spirited performance, not to mention a certain brand panache that justifies the price tag.

Today, the $80,000 price point is starting to encroach on mass-market brands. While we are not likely to see an $80,000 Taurus anytime soon, another Ford is dangerously close to breaking that not-so-budget-friendly milestone.

Once upon a time, trucks and SUVs were utilitarian and budget-friendly workhorses that effectively transported people and things without making much of a fuss. Those bare-bones vehicles can still be found at dealers around the county, but some popular nameplates are becoming fodder for only the wealthy.

Take a look at what’s happening with the price of the once-humble Ford Expedition:

Shoppers looking at the 2018 Ford Expedition Platinum may be in for the most sticker shock: the Platinum trim will now cost $73,905, or $8,505 more than the 2017 Expedition Platinum. Looking at the larger Platinum MAX model? That will be $76,595, or $8,540 higher than before. Finally, the 2018 Expedition encroaches on the $80,000 mark with the Platinum MAX 4×4 with a $79,740 price—$8,650 more than the outgoing Expedition trim.

The Expedition isn’t the only rig with an ultra-luxury price. The Ram 2500 Limited tops $60,000, while the Ford F-250 Super Duty, GMC Sierra 2500HD, and Chevy Silverado 2500HD can easily crest the $70,000 mark.

Competition is fierce in the full-size SUV and pickup markets, and while the Ram is currently the most expensive truck available, we predict that the first $100,000 non-luxury branded truck won’t be far off. If we include luxury brands, we’re already there. A new Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum 4×4, for example, can top $100,000 with options.

Would you pay $80,000 or more for a high-end truck from one of the Big Three U.S. automakers?


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