Will Ram Change Everything, Again?

In 1994, the Dodge Ram changed everything.

Advertising for the new generation of early ’90s pickups took America by the storm, as the newest Dodge and its sleek, curvy looks captured the most macho of hearts.

People compared the front end to a semi truck, and the look transformed Ram pickups forever while elevating their perceived toughness.

While Ram trucks remain the third-best-selling truck brand in America, behind Ford and Chevy, the trucks have continually improved over the decades and have a devoted following of fans.

Now, thanks to a gust of wind and a well-timed photograph, we know how the next-generation Ram will look. Does it pay homage to the 1994 version that changed it all?

First, please take a moment to refresh your memory on those original Ram ads:

Good stuff, right? Ever since 1994, Ram trucks have sported that signature cross-hair look in the grille along with headlights on a lower plane than the hood. It was a revolutionary look in the 1990s and has evolved into modern trucks. The next-generation Ram, though, looks to be headed in a new direction.

Autoblog wrote,

Up front are the most significant changes. Ram trucks since the mid-’90s have been distinguished by their big-rig looks that consisted of low mounted headlights, and a tall, proud grille. That grille was also made all the more prominent by how the middle of the hood met the top of the grille, while the sides of the hood and the fenders dipped down toward the headlights.

This traditional look has mostly disappeared. The headlights have been raised up to the top of the grille opening. Now the grille drops below the lights. There is still a hint of the old style in the hood, but the look is very different.

The spy shots are in the Autoblog article and can be easily found through a simple online search. Looks are subjective, of course, but to my eye, the new Ram has lost its distinctive edge. It’s beautiful, but it’s not different anymore.

Which era of Ram pickup is your favorite?


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