The Off-Road-Only Roxor May Hit U.S. In 2018

Image Courtesy of DC-Design

Image Courtesy of DC-Design

Cars sold in the U.S. come from all corners of the globe, and there are very few differences in quality, regardless of a vehicle’s country of origin.

The first Japanese import came in 1958, when the Toyopet Crown debuted here to very little fanfare. Few would have guessed that the little Japanese company, which we now know as Toyota, would have massive manufacturing facilities in this country and change the face of the U.S. and world auto industry.

It would be nearly thirty years before Hyundai, made in Korea, launched a car for the U.S. market. Now, the automaker is a household name.

We’ll see if Americans will learn to love a new import – this time, from India.

Autoweek reported on the story and said,

India’s Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., preparing to launch an off-road vehicle in the U.S., will take a “thoughtful” approach to marketing on-road passenger vehicles next, company officials said Monday.

The company has invested $230 million into a manufacturing plant in Michigan that will begin producing the off-road-only vehicle, called the Roxor, early in 2018. The car will remain under wraps until later this year, but company officials have said it’ll take Mahindra into a “whole different orbit” with the next logical step being a street-legal version.

Americans have already been exposed to vehicles with an India connection, even if many don’t realize it. Jaguar and Land Rover are both owned by India’s Tata Motors, though the vehicles are still built in England.

Would you be interested in an off-road-only vehicle coming soon from India? Sounds like it’s on the way! 


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