Why I Regret Buying a Porsche


About a year ago, I bought a Porsche.

I probably should have listened to my father-in-law, who has raced Porsches and owned roughly eleven 911s. This guy has experience and told me that I’d probably regret the purchase.

“Getting an older 911 is risky,” he said. “They are expensive to maintain and repair, and there will always be something that needs to be fixed. Don’t do it. Get a Miata or something instead.”

Well, me being the defiant, brand-driven, performance type didn’t care much for that advice. So I went out and bought a 2002 Porsche 996 911 Targa. Those low-slung Porsche looks, that Stuttgart logo, and the trademark purr of a Porsche engine were all it took to convince me to sign up for more than just a couple years of Porsche payments.

I should have listened to my father-in-law.

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How to Pick the Right Car Dealership

Shopper and salesperson

Going new-car or used-car shopping this weekend? There are a lot of choices out there, and it can be tough to decide. But I’m not talking about buying your next car. I’m talking about picking your new or used car dealership. That’s the second most important decision you will make on what is typically the second most expensive thing you own.

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a dealership. Most apply to both new and used car dealerships.

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People Still Falling for Easy-to-Spot Car-Buying Scams

Nissan Altima 2.5

Low miles! Only $3,000!

Smart car shoppers know how to spot scams from a mile (or 2,600 miles) away.

Craigslist, once a go-to source for posting used-car classifieds, is riddled with scammers trying to con people out of thousands of dollars. Their ploys are always the same, and the red flags are obvious. Still, due to some serious flaw in human psychology, people fall for the deal they know is too good to be true.

The Detroit News published a nice piece on the issue this week, from which I quote:

Brenda Cullen has a killer deal on Craigslist for a spotless, low-mileage Nissan Altima. But it won’t last.

A job promotion, complete with company car, has left her family with one too many vehicles, so that’s why she’s unloading the Altima for not even a quarter of its true value.

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Confessions of a Loose-Lipped Used Car Salesman

Car shopper

I tend to meet a lot of people in the car business.

I don’t usually have the pleasure of meeting the movers and shakers of the industry, though. Company presidents, top engineers and star designers typically reside in different social circles than I. But I do meet and become friends with the people who work on the front lines of the industry: writers and salesmen.

While neither profession has the panache to pen for Pininfarina, the people who sell cars are often the ones who can best summarize the state of the industry. Their paychecks depend on it.

I’ve found that salespeople come in two categories:

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