The First Cars of CarGurus

It could be a Pink Cadillac or a ‘69 Chevy (with a 396, Fuelie heads, and a Hurst on the floor). Cars have long been associated with independence and the open road, and no car epitomizes newfound freedom quite like your first car. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone at CarGurus is a gearhead—although some certainly fit the description. Our team covers a wide range of responsibilities, from software engineering to business development, and recruiting to… well, somebody has to edit this blog, right? Simply put, if owning a garage filled with Pininfarina was a prerequisite for employment, we’d have a much harder time growing our staff. Continue reading >>>

Cars Coming Soon: Volvo Hopes to Turn Corner with Performance Division

Volvo C30 PCP

Will the Volvo C30 PCP take on the BMW M3?

A couple of weeks ago I included Volvo on a list of car brands that might be better off dead.

I wouldn’t have done that had I known the Swedish/Chinese company was planning to take on the vaunted BMW M Series and Mercedes-Benz AMG division.

What’s that, you say? A performance Volvo?

Yes. Stop laughing, gather yourself, open your mind to the fact that anything is possible, and then follow the jump.

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