CarGurus Agrees to Purchase PistonHeads from Haymarket Group

CarGurus, Inc., a leading global online automotive marketplace (aka us!), today announced that it intends to purchase the motoring website, PistonHeads, from Haymarket Group. The acquisition marks a significant step in our plans for the UK, where we launched in 2015 and are now the fastest growing online automotive marketplace*. As a next step, combining the existing CarGurus audience with that of PistonHeads will help us take significant strides towards our plans to accelerate growth and expand our consumer audience in the UK, bringing our core values of trust and transparency to millions of used car buyers.

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The First Cars of CarGurus

It could be a Pink Cadillac or a ‘69 Chevy (with a 396, Fuelie heads, and a Hurst on the floor). Cars have long been associated with independence and the open road, and no car epitomizes newfound freedom quite like your first car. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone at CarGurus is a gearhead—although some certainly fit the description. Our team covers a wide range of responsibilities, from software engineering to business development, and recruiting to… well, somebody has to edit this blog, right? Simply put, if owning a garage filled with Pininfarina was a prerequisite for employment, we’d have a much harder time growing our staff. Continue reading >>>

Happy Thanksgiving from CarGurus


Being grateful goes so beyond stuffing our faces with turkey and marshmallow-encrusted yams.

We’d like to take a moment and express our gratitude for our readers, car shoppers, blog commenters, car dealers and generally awesome CarGurus who visit our site each day. It’s the expertise and experience of each person who participates on this blog and the CarGurus site who keep the steady flow of news, opinions, reviews and car listings going every day.

We love cars. We love everything about the culture of cars and we’re thankful to be surrounded by a community of people who think the same way.

Whether you prefer the sounds and smells of a ’74 Porsche, gravitate toward the comfort and luxury of a ’14 Lexus or appreciate the adrenaline rush of any Lamborghini, you’re our people. Thank you for the years of love, we hope you feel loved back and we’re excited for many more to come.

You may now commence said face-stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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2014 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel or 2010 Volkswagen Jetta TDI?

2014 Chevrolet Cruze diesel

It’s taken way more years than it should’ve, but Chevy has finally put an oil burner in a small sedan.

Diesel has been Europe’s choice for propulsion since, well, probably the time of King Charles. Because of a history of cheap gasoline prices and a public disdain for dirty diesel, it never caught on in the USA. With gas inching up in cost here every day, alternative fuels are seeing more demand. Electricity has been the focus for the last decade or so, but a new round of clean, efficient diesel engines is on the way.

Chevrolet has offered a small diesel in Europe for years and has finally adapted the engine to meet U.S. standards and put in on the options sheet for the 2014 Cruze. With this new American diesel in showrooms, does it make sense to add it to your shopping list, or are you better off looking for a used Jetta?

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Are Used Hybrids a Good Idea?


Here’s a question that was posed to me late last week:

“Does a used SUV exist that is comfortable and affordable, has AWD, and can hold my gear and get 30 miles per gallon?”

After a chuckle, I could only respond with a quip about that being the Holy Grail of used cars. But then something occurred to me. “Unless you went with a hybrid,” I said.

“Is that risky, though?”

Well…yeah. Depending, of course, on one major factor.

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Going Diesel? Now Is the Best Time to Save on a Used Car

Chevrolet Cruze

Ready for a diesel Cruze?

With all the attention hybrid cars get, compared with diesels, I’m surprised to read that they share a fairly minuscule segment of the auto market. Hybrids have about a 2 percent share of the market, while diesels, remarkably, have less than 3.

I’ve made my case for diesels here many times. I prefer them because they are more durable, produce more torque and deliver up to 30 percent better fuel efficiency than their gasoline counterparts. If gas prices rise, and diesel doesn’t rise as much, the extra cost for diesel-powered cars will be worth it. The benefits over hybrids are their long-term durability and no worries about battery replacement.

Diesel cars are gaining in popularity, more new models are entering the market, and used models could be priced as low as they’re going to get for a while.

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Why Consumers Love (and Loathe) Car Dealers

Bentley dealer

Are any dealers immune from complaints?

I can’t think of a business with a more negative reputation than a car dealership.

Well, there’s the mafia, I suppose, but I’m keeping things legitimate here.

Often a poor experience with a dealer can be chalked up to a lack of preparation on the consumer’s part. Walk into a dealer unprepared, and you’ll likely drive out with a beautiful new car you paid a few thousand too much for.

Show up well educated, and you and the dealer will engage in a productive dance of negotiation that ends well for all parties.

Results of a new study released by CarGurus show that 56 percent of car shoppers on the site rated their dealer experiences with 4 or 5 stars on a 5-star scale. That’s saying a lot for an industry with its share of questionable past business practices.

Like all car shoppers, I’ve had good and bad experiences with dealers, two of which are detailed after the jump.

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