The Best Cars to Drive Every Day


Just driving.

That’s a phrase that should never be uttered, regardless of circumstances. I called a friend yesterday, asked him what he was doing and he said, “Just driving.”


That got me thinking. This is a world filled with two types of people: those who love to drive and those who have to drive. If you’re behind the wheel, and the phone rings, I hope you’re the kind of person who doesn’t even notice because you’re so in tune with your car and your driving.

I hope you’re NOT the kind of person who is able to fumble for the phone, turn on Bluetooth, answer and say that you’re “just driving.”

If you’re the kind of person who loves to drive, and has the opportunity to drive to work every day, here are some of the most fun cars you can take on your daily commute.



Plain and simple: This car kicks butt. It’s fast and comfortable and a real kick to drive on city streets and even crowded highways.

Any Honda with a manual transmission


Whether it’s the new Civic Si or something older, there’s just something about the manual transmission Hondas. The sound, the short throws… they are simply magical and make you at least feel like you could go fast. In reality, of course, you’re just in a Honda but the illusion is priceless.

Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S


These twins are the simplest, purest expression of the modern sports coupe. They are perfectly balanced with just enough power to have some fun but avoid trouble.

Audi Q7


Yeah, it’s a big brute. It’s not fun to drive in the conventional sense of being fast and light, but it’s fun to drive because it feels like king of the road. Someone in a BRZ wants to pass you? Let ’em go and then relish in the knowledge that your kick-butt intimidating grille is looming in their rear-view.

Anything electric


Be it Leaf or Tesla, the fun of electric cars is in the immediately available torque. Press the pedal and go. Fast.

The next time you’re on the way to work, and the phone rings, please don’t answer and say you’re “just driving.” Instead, smile to yourself, press on the gas a little harder, leave the phone alone, and say, “I’m driving!”

What fun car would you love to drive to work?


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