Who Will Drive the Alfa Romeo 4C?


All I wanted to do was take my family out to dinner and dance lessons.

Last night, though, the universe tried to tempt me with other plans. Every Tuesday night, my wife and two of my daughters head downtown for salsa lessons. We thought we’d make last night special and go to dinner first. It just so happens that the restaurant we chose is next door to a FIAT dealership.

I had no problem walking by the rows of 500s in all their different forms, but then something new caught my eye. Through the dealer’s window I saw my first-ever in-person Alfa Romeo 4C.

First impression? Take my money.

Second impression? Not so much.

Here’s what the CarGurus Overview says about the 4C:

First of all, the 4C is just as stunning as you’d expect. They simply don’t make enough cars today that are this attractive. Of course, the reasons for this are obvious. After years of regulation and refinement and safety concerns, aesthetics take a back seat far too often. Thankfully there is no back seat in the 4C, but there are still some sacrifices with a vehicle this pretty. Rear visibility? Not so much. Ease of entry? Don’t count on it. Hidden safety features? Nope. But this is a car for drivers, right? Almost.

The 4C weighs about 2,500 pounds and comes with only a dual-clutch automatic transmission. It’s powered by a 1.8-liter 237-hp turbocharged engine, giving it about the same horsepower-to-weight ratio as a Porsche Cayman.

But who will drive this car?

Seeing it in person made me realize that this sports car is utterly tiny. It’s too small for cruising comfortably, too small for a couple’s weekend away, and, with prices around $70,000, it’s too expensive for most to buy as a day-tripping toy.

I suppose it could work as a commuter for a single person, but that person would have to resign him or herself to never going to Costco or taking more than one friend out for the evening.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is absolutely stunning. It’s a gorgeous car that bucks today’s trend of making design secondary to function, but its drawbacks might be too large for this diminutive sports car to overcome.

While I was taken by the beauty of this Italian stunner’s curves, I’m glad I didn’t let her change my evening plans.

Would you be interested in buying an Alfa Romeo 4C?


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