Ford Ushers in the Era of the $100,000 Pickup

Ford has a history of being a trendsetter in many ways, but the newest precedents being set by the Michigan automaker don’t bode well for buyers of economical pickups and SUVs.

We already know that the Ford Expedition can approach $80,000 when properly configured. Trucks are set to go even higher.

Sure, we’ll always be able to buy a bare-bones F-150 for a rock-bottom price. But when it’s time to buy one with 4-wheel drive, real towing capacity, and modern luxuries, be prepared to dig a little deeper into your wallet.

How high will pickup prices go? They’re about to cross the $100,000 barrier, and we don’t even know if that’ll be the ceiling.

The good news is that your standard-fare F-150 won’t cost $100,000 anytime soon. But pricing on the 2018 F-450 Limited, the most luxurious truck Ford has ever built, starts at $87,100, including shipping. Add all the options and the price jumps to $94,455. With sales taxes, dealer fees, and title fees, many buyers could easily be looking at a six-figure purchase price.

This is a truck for luxury-obsessed ranchers or retired couples towing a 5th-wheel camper across the country. It is certainly not the best choice for a family truck that will be used as a daily driver. However, it’s an interesting sign of what may be to come, because this F-450 most certainly isn’t for commercial/industrial use, as the price may suggest.

Automotive News says,

The truck’s interior is even more opulent than the King Ranch and Platinum, Ford’s two luxury pickups. The F-450 Limited features custom camelback leather two-tone seats, a suede headliner and stitched leather on the steering wheel and instrument panel. The interior is bedecked with hand-finished dark ash wood trim.

But the F-450 Limited isn’t just about leather seats, an advanced infotainment system and a full menu of safety equipment.

Ford says it can tow up to 15 tons.

Of course, it’ll also come with a 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel V8. The truck debuts to the public at the Texas State Fair in Dallas today, though we don’t know yet when deliveries will begin.

How high will truck prices go? Who knows. In the AutoNews article, Ford spokesman Mike Levine said, “We still haven’t found the ceiling for luxury trucks.”

Would you spend close to $100,000 for a pickup truck?


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  1. Not no but heck no ford lost me when dodge came out with the Cummins but you can’t even get a manual transmission in a ford a truck without a manual transmission ain’t much of a truck heck you can’t even get a cigarette lighter in a ford trucks these days aren’t made out of anything no matter what name is on them I’ve got a 1970 f-100 custom that my paw paw bought brand new you could not put a dent in the bumper with a 5lb shop hamer however the trucks made today won’t last that long and throw a sack of feed in the bed and if you aren’t careful you will bend the edge of the bed it is just sad how the automakers rob the American people just sad

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