Taking a Look at the Most and Least Expensive Cars to Own

2016 BMW 340i

There are some things we replace, and other things we repair. I have no qualms replacing a toothbrush every couple months, or buying a new pair of running shoes after a few hundred miles. When it comes to more expensive items, however, my point of view shifts dramatically. Companies like Patagonia have made a strong push against disposable merchandise, offering repair services for their products and encouraging shoppers to fix their gear rather than just throwing it away and buying replacements. It’s a commendable, environmentally friendly decision—and considering the price tags on Patagonia products, one that’s appreciated by shoppers, too.

Of course, when it comes to repairing vs. replacing, nothing trumps the auto industry. Drivers spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars per year keeping their cars on the road and, try as a I might, I just can’t visualize disposable cars showing up anytime soon. YourMechanic.com connects car owners with mechanics and in doing so has amassed an impressive data set breaking down the average cost of ownership by brand and specific model, including the maladies that most commonly afflict each brand.

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Cars Playing Dress-Up! A Chrysler Becomes a Bentley, Celica Becomes Ferrari

Replica cars are getting good!

We featured a post on these pages some time ago about replica cars. There were some pretty good knock-offs in that bunch, including a couple Mercury Cougars that became an Audi R8 and a Bugatti Veyron.

Economic times haven’t improved much in the last 14 months or so, so it’s not too surprising to see more well-done replicas hitting the market. Let’s say, for instance, you have a hankering for a Bentley Continental GTC, but don’t have the hundreds of thousands of dollars to plunk down on one. What do you do? Well, make do on a Sebring budget, of course!

Have a look at this “Bentley” for sale on eBay (auction ends today).

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