Volkswagen “Crozzes” Over to World of EVs

Volkswagen knows a thing or two about branding.

VW’s first hit the U.S. market in 1949. The Type 1 Beetle was a car with a deep military history, earning it its nickname “The Victory Wagon.” In 1959, the company stepped away from its military history with its “Think Small” campaign. It set its sights on a decidedly different audience with a new campaign with the goal of attracting a younger consumer eager to find an affordable car that was also fuel efficient.

The oil crises of the 1970s led VW to make a major pivot: It invested in diesel engines. And for decades, the company could, literally, go the distance with diesel.

But oh, how the times have changed. Nowadays, consumers want fuel-efficient cars that are also environmentally friendly.

Based on what we saw at the LA Auto Show, VW is up to the task.

Enter the Volkswagen I.D. Crozz.

Yes, the I.D. Crozz is an all-electric SUV (about the size of the Tiguan) and should arrive as a production model for the 2020 model year. If all goes as planned, here’s what the future I.D. Crozz has in store for us: 302 horsepower, an 80 percent charge in 30 minutes, and a range of 300 miles on a full charge.

The Drive said,

Other than being a slick electric crossover, the I.D. Crozz has some cool party tricks up its sleeve like voice-activated doors and trunk, gesture control, and an augmented reality head-up display. Like many concepts these days, it has self-driving technology that gives us a glimpse into the manufacturer’s plans for an autonomous future. Volkswagen calls its self-driving tech suite I.D. Pilot and it’s expected to launch in 2025.

Who knows if the voice-activated doors will become a reality, but the rest of the features seem reasonable, especially considering the production car is still about two years out.

The Crozz won’t be the only EV in the VW lineup. Also look for an electrified VW Bus, called the I.D. Buzz, at about the same time.

Will an electric Volkswagen be welcomed with open arms into American garages and charging ports? 


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